I am blood of the dragon.
I have never been nothing.
I'm Esiri. It's like Siri on the iPhone, but with an E in front of it. I would type something else clever here, but it'd just come out sounding stupid.
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If we don’t protect the galaxy, who will?

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Red Panda - by: (Pasqual Demmenie)


Red Panda - by: (Pasqual Demmenie)


when i was new to the UK, somebody in school asked me if i had rubber and i gave them a condom because i didnt know they meant eraser

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Peter, listen to me. Secrets have a cost. They’re not free. Not now, not ever.
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Images from Poznan | Poland (by Erik Witsoe)

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Well, you’ve gotta learn sometime.


Well, you’ve gotta learn sometime.

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Tom Pfannerstill:  From the Street

Louisville, Kentucky-based artist Tom Pfannerstill creates amazing works of art that look like trash, and not just any trash, but actual pieces of litter that he actually found and picked up. For an ongoing series entitled From the Street, Pfannerstill uses the trompe l’oeil technique to paint flat pieces of wood so that they become uncanny likenesses of discarded objects and disposable containers, everything from a smashed boxes of Animal Crackers and Cracker Jack to a beat-up old baseball cap.

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a m e l i a  p o n d

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City Of Angels ©

City Of Angels ©


sorry i cant hang out with u today i have to catch up on my crying

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